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The term exarch (pronounced as /ˈɛksɑːrk/), comes from Ancient Greek: ἔξαρχος (exarchos) and designates holders of various historical offices, some of them being political or military, and others being ecclesiastical.

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An Exarch is a former Eldar Aspect Warrior who has lost himself upon the Eldar Path of the Warrior and is unable to ever leave it again. At this point he is considered to have abandoned the Eldar Paths with their promise of new experiences and development of new skills in favour of a constant life of...

The exarchate's seat was at Ravenna, whence it is known as the "Exarchate of Ravenna". Ravenna remained the seat of the Exarch until the revolt of 727 over Iconoclasm.

For other uses, see Exarch (disambiguation). See also: Catholic Church hierarchy § Equivalents of diocesan bishops in law.

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Exarch. русский: Экзарх. Download this page on PDF... Byzantine Empire. Further information: Exarchate of Ravenna and Exarchate of Africa.

exarch. 1. in the early church, the head of a major diocese or province. 2. a bishop inferior to a patriarch but superior to a metropolitan.

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The exarch is established at Ravenna, representing the Emperor of the East. An "exarch" means properly a superior metropolitan having several provinces under him.

An exarch, from the Greek ἔξαρχος (exarchos), was the title given to a governor of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire who had extended authority in a province that was distant from the capital, Constantinople.

An ecclesiastical Latin translation of the Greek word exarkhos, ("ruler out of"), the term "exarch" is both a rank used in the Orthodox Catholic Church and a historic term for a governer in the Byzantine empire. When it comes to /tg/, however, there are two distinct uses for it.
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